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6 Hilarious Movie Meme Quotes #movies #humor

Do you love funny memes and enjoy movies? Check out this mix of six movie quote memes! From current to classic movies, there is enough funny to go around. The Avengers

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Nightmare on Elm Street

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Pirates of The Caribbean 

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Steel Magnolias

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Baby Mama

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Serendipity Summer by Laurie Kozlowski *Cover Reveal* #Amwriting #Romance

In case you missed it on Facebook (I hop back and forth these days), I’m excited to share the cover of my debut contemporary romance novella, Serendipity Summer!

Serendipity Summer is the first book, of four, in the Riverbend Way series, set in the rustic and charming mountain town of  Riverbend Way, Tennessee. I’ve enjoyed developing the main characters and the side characters–including a couple of memorable animals that will make a regular appearance, throughout the series. I have wanted to hold on to the story for a while, now–but as everything has been coming together nicely, and just for the sake of making sure everything is just how I want it, the release date has been adjusted to the last week of October.

I am still learning the publishing ropes, so if anything changes, I will be sure to post the changes, and keep you updated. All should go well, though, because I’ve published, once before. I’m looking forward to having a release day celebration with giveaways and prizes! This is an exciting time! I have had the honor of being invited to be featured at a book signing event and have begun to order swag and promo items in preparation for my first release! (more details to come.)

Without readers, we authors wouldn’t be able to do what we do–so, thank you!

I am still tweaking the blurb, but I’d like to share the first teaser–and the second teaser (not yet posted to Facebook), of Serendipity Summer. But first, take a look at this beauty of a cover The Killion Group designed for me with images from Hot Damn Designs!


 ****Teaser #1****

Her gaze traveled back up to his gorgeous eyes.

Eyes looking upon her with a familiar heat she’d seen only once before.

She struggled not to choke on the water as it dawned on her who was standing before her. A man who had made it into many of her dreams, but never, permanently into her life.


****Teaser #2****

The sound was far off in the distance, but Jake gradually became aware he was the person being observed as an older and feminine voice chimed in.

“No, Kady-bug. Not your Uncle Trevor. Just a friend of Mommy’s. We were having a sleepover.”

Jake resisted the urge to chuckle and kept his eyes closed to listen in.

“Why is he on the couch, in a suit, and not in jammies?” the young girl asked.

“Sometimes at sleepovers, not everyone wears jammies. They can sleep where ever they want to.”

Anna indulged the girl.

Now trying to swallow down a full-fledged belly laugh, Jake hid the grin on his face, knowing Anna would be angry as hell if he continued to pretend to sleep while the kid put her through the great inquisition.

Finally letting a deep chuckle go, he opened heavy eyes.

~ Serendipity Summer by Laurie Kozlowski ~ Copyright, 2014.


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‘Alpha-Cavemen’ In Romance Novels and My Review of ‘Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense’ by AD Marrow

Primal instinct doesn’t necessarily mean knuckle-dragging or stone and chisel record-taking. The alpha-caveman character is written into many romance stories, as well. These heroes aren’t dumb or abusive, they are usually driven by their most basic instincts when it’s time to finally ravish the heroine. They are the essence of sensuality many women crave.

In the most recent romance book I’ve read, Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense, one of the highlights and most beautiful part of Evan and Maggie’s story was when he threw her over his shoulder just before they made love.

I know, I know…what is so romantic about a guy man-handling a woman?

I can’t speak for all readers, but there are a few great things about the ‘alpha-caveman’ :

1 ~ He’s protective. Not because he doesn’t think you can’t handle yourself, but because his desire and love runs deep and strong. It’s a connection to his one-and-only’s body, heart, mind, and soul that yearns to defend her at any cost. What woman wouldn’t want that kind of love?

2 ~ He’s quick-wired for bravery. If he notices you’re in a situation out of your control and he’s able to help, he damn well will – and then some. He’s loyal to the core and will call in re-enforcements from his ‘posse’ if needed. The thing about a brave man is: others admire him because he isn’t cocky, but his confidence shows without bragging. One of the most attractive attributes in a person is courage. It’s contagious.

3~ He’s inventive. Give a caveman an opportunity to prove himself and he will not only show you how it’s done, he’ll figure out unique ways and alternatives to just about any problem given to him, and surprise you with something extraordinary. Things never get boring or routine with an ‘alpha-caveman’…especially in the romance department 😉

I have no idea why I know these important facts about alpha-cavemen, I just do. It may have something to do with my husband being 90% Neanderthal (no complaints here.) But most likely, it also has to do with Evan throwing Maggie over his shoulder in Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense by A.D. Marrow. Yeah. That’s it 😉


Buy on: Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo

Review: of Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense by AD Marrow

Enchanting And Wild Read

Chemistry between artist Evan and beautiful and witchy Maggie is off the charts as they pursue uncharted waters of love after a detrimental break-up, courtesy of the cosmos.

Evan was pure Alpha. I loved the way his softer, artistic side brought out his vulnerable passions. When he tattooed a memorial portrait of a widower’s deceased wife on the guy’s arm , it made me absolutely love him to death. Not to mention the scene where Maggie’s heels dig into his waist while he…uh, well, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Buy this book! You’ll fall in love with Evan and will absolutely adore Maggie for her sweet and sexy witchiness. I highly recommend Love and Other Cosmic Nonsense to readers who love a fun love story with a twist of paranormal and hot love scenes.

Review by Laurie Kozlowski


Kill Devil Crew – Book 1 by A.D. Marrow

Buy on: Amazon * All Romance * Bookstrand * Smashwords


In the battle between good and evil, there are angels, there are demons…and then there’s Dane Mason.

President of the Kill Devil Crew, his fighting skills are legendary both in Heaven and Hell. When a high ranking demon taps him for a prime spot down under, Dane must pull out all the stops to protect the town of Graves Hollow but more importantly, to save the soul of the one woman he can’t live without.

Where Dane destroys, Emme Rooney heals. Physician’s Assistant Emme sews up the members of Kill Devil Crew when the things that go bump in the night lash out. Dane knows loving him could get her killed, but her hands on his body sends him reeling out of control.

Dane pushes her away time and time again, only to be drawn back to her flame. Will his desire blind him to the real danger surrounding him?


A.D. Marrow Bio Pic

A.D. Marrow is a registered Sapiophile, a proud Geek since before Geek was chic and believes that everyone deserves a happily ever after. She lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her ridiculously hot and amazingly supportive husband, three kids that rock so hard there should be a national holiday for their awesomeness, two really stupid dogs and a plethora of Post-it notes with book ideas to last her until she’s 90. Her childhood dream is realized in the fact that YOU have cause to read her bio. She hopes that one day, it lends her enough credibility to live out her second dream, which is to write and episode of Doctor Who.

Her personal mantra echoes that of Morticia Adams: “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”




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Gift Card Drawing and Interview With Author MJ Flournoy – Inside Her Erotic Romantic Suspense Novel ‘A Matter of Trust’

Please join me in welcoming MJ Flournoy, author of steamy, emotional, suspenseful and gripping erotic romance. It’s my pleasure to share with you more about this wonderful author and her great novel, A Matter of Trust. We’ll also be giving away an Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter, so read on!

Laurie: Welcome, MJ! I’m thrilled to have you on the blog today to share more about who you are and why you write.

MJ: Laurie, thanks so much for having me today. As you know, I write romantic suspense for ARES, which is an imprint of Renaissance Ebooks. I write because I love being in charge of the outcome of my plots. I enjoy making things happen, then figuring out how to undo what I’ve done to my characters. My days are spent as a special education teacher, but my evenings are all about writing romantic suspense.

Laurie: What a great and enjoyable way to unwind after a work day 🙂 What activities/hobbies do you enjoy when you aren’t writing?

MJ: Reading is one of my very favorite things. I also enjoy travel – I’ve been to Europe three times and hope to go again soon. I adore the beach, being near the ocean inspires me to write. I also love to cook, trying new recipes is a passion.

Laurie: Oh, it will be nice as summer is approaching to enjoy some beach time. Best wishes on travels to Europe, how exciting! Your elegant blog – – brings to light your love of travel. Of all your travels, what place do you favor most and why?

MJ: I simply adore Italy and the Greek Isles. I’m a history geek and never tire of seeing all the historical sites. My favorite place however, isn’t a city, it’s a ship. I love MSC Musica. What better way to travel than to have your elegant hotel sail from one romantic city to another? Musica is a member of MSC Cruise Line’s fleet. While it isn’t the largest, it won my heart with its wonderful crew. Cruising is my passion!

Laurie: How lovely! A very beautiful way to travel, for sure. I’m all about the romance, as you can tell 🙂 Please tell us about your book – A Matter Of Trust. What type of story is it and what makes it unique?

MJ: A Matter of Trust is a romantic suspense/thriller with paranormal elements. The unique thing about it is the plot idea came to me when I heard about a teacher who encountered a child and felt something just “wasn’t right,” her concern and the fact that she acted on her intuition saved the life of a kidnapped child. With that story, Jolie Wyngate sprang fully formed into my mind and along with her, the Maniac who is the voice in Jolie’s head.

Laurie: Wow. Absolutely amazing. I’m sure your mind went into overdrive to create this terrific story. That is what captured my attention the most as I read this book – the unique plot and characters. What was the most challenging part of writing this story and why?

MJ: The most challenging thing about this book was the Maniac’s dialogue. I had to retype it from all caps, to Italics, to regular type and back to Italics. Everyone who read the manuscript, including the final editor had a different idea of how it should be done.

Laurie: Yes. I remember you previously mentioning the Maniac was the voice inside Jolie’s head. I can see where it would be quite challenging to differentiate the dialogue between the two, but I think you pulled it off nicely.
What is your goal as a writer, concerning how people perceive and receive your work?

MJ: The most important thing for me is to be entertaining and offer escape. I read for escape and I hope that my readers will enjoy the adventures and obstacles I throw at my characters.

Laurie: I agree. There’s nothing better than escaping into a great book. Your book is very much an escape as Jolie is thrown into obstacles during her adventure.
Who and/or what are your main influences in pursing writing and why?

MJ: My favorite book is Shanna, by Kathleen Woodiwiss. When I finished reading it, I sighed and whispered, “This is what I want to do.” It took me a long time and several false starts, but I finally achieved that goal.

Laurie: A very great accomplishment, indeed, to finish writing a great book. I’m sure there are many readers who will read your book and be inspired, also. Are there any other memorable books that are your all-time favorites?

MJ: As I mentioned above, Shanna is my all-time favorite. I also enjoy reading romantic suspense by many of my friends who are members of Kiss of Death.

Laurie: For readers and writers not familiar with Kiss of Death, it is a chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America), specifically centering on romantic suspense. To visit their “place on the web for murderously inclined romantics,” here’s the link to their site:
Do you have any favorite quotes? If so, please share!

MJ: “If it is to be, it’s up to me,” is my motto and my favorite quote is “I don’t give them hell, I tell the truth and they think it’s hell”—Harry S. Truman

Laurie: A great motto and quote. Are there any current projects or interests that you’d like to mention or include before we leave everyone to ogle over the excellent cover to your book and hopefully indulge in Jolie’s and Mac’s romantic suspense adventure?

MJ: I’m currently working on the second book in the NVC series (A Matter of Trust was book 1). This book finds Jolie and Mac working for New Ventures Consulting and has a big surprise in store for the Maniac.

My other Work in progress is tentatively titled, the Serpentine Thread and has an Autistic Savant, a special education teacher, and a former SEAL turned FBI agent working undercover to infiltrate a homegrown terrorist cell. (I am retiring this year after a twenty year career as a special education teacher and I look forward to having much more free time for writing!)

Laurie: Oh, wow! I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing what big surprise you have in store in the continuance of this series. Once again, you’ve left me intensely curious about your unique works in progress. Early congrats on your retirement. What a great and meaningful accomplishment, as I’m sure you’ve played a great role in molding many young minds. I look forward to reading more of your stories!



Her paranormal abilities had always caused her grief. But can they save the life of a child who has been spirited away fro her parents and the life of the man she loves?

Jolie Wyngate is a middle school teacher with an extraordinary gift—or is it a curse? Throughout her life, she’s been never been sure. Now, when she is implicated in the disappearance of a child, the ultimate value of her powers will be put to the test.

Mac Carlson, former Navy SEAL and security expert, is tasked with rescuing the girl, Rachael Anne. From the moment he meets Jolie, his suspicious and protective nature sets its sights on her as a prime suspect. Can Jolie clear her name and gain this man’s hard-won trust?

More importantly, can she save the girl before time runs out? She won’t be able to do it without her psychic abilities—but Mac has a hard enough time trusting Jolie as it is, let alone trusting her powers to lead them to Rachael Anne.

As Mac and Jolie realize they have no choice but to work as a team—and as they slowly warm to each other in the process—they realize they have a new problem: the man they are after has set his sights on Jolie. Now Jolie will need all of her abilities, and all of Mac’s strength and skill, to stay out of the fiend’s hands and bring Rachael Anne back home.



M.J. Flournoy is an author of erotic romance. MJ writes stories laced with suspense, paranormal adventure, love, lust and sensual details. MJ’s stories are steamy, emotional, suspenseful and gripping.
When not crafting hot stories for Sizzler Intoxication line, MJ enjoys travel. Cruising is a particular pleasure for MJ and she loves cruising the Mediterranean. So far, MJ has visited, Austria, Italy, Greece, France and Spain.
Follow MJ on Facebook at authorMJFlournoy or contact her at

Also, be sure to subscribe to her NEWSLETTER to know of her latest progress, announcements, or updates.

MJ also enjoys hanging on Facebook on Sundays with her critique partner Mary Marvella to celebrate their new releases and writing in general. Be sure to stop by A Romance Caper with Mary Marvella & M.J. Flournoy so you can join in on the fun!

Special thanks to MJ Flournoy for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to be a guest on LaurieWriting today and so generously offering a $5 Amazon gift card to a lucky random commenter on the blog.

To be entered into the drawing, simply leave your name, an email address where we can send the gift card, and reply to this question in the comments section of this post:
What makes a hero unforgettable?


Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

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Love In The Land Of Misfits

I’m sure most people feel the need to spiff up a bit when they have to make a grocery run. Then again, I don’t think it’s normal for a person to make a grocery run at 8am – but that’s what we did one morning recently, following a snow day. It was frigid and sunny despite mine and my husband’s reluctant dispositions for weathering the cold after dropping our daughter off at school.

The weather did nothing for our motivation to look spiffy that morning because we both had wanted to stay in and sleep. My husband managed a wrinkled shirt and cargo pants. His buzzed-cut hair smooshed and sticking out in several directions; I glared at him for complaining about it like a preppy high school jock. Sure, he had been a jock in high school (way back when), but he didn’t exactly have a mop of hair. He didn’t get much sympathy from me.

I had on one of my not-so-form-fitting, but comfy hoodies with loose fitting yoga pants. I’d pulled my hair up in a messy array, passing for semi-stylish (if you were back in the 80’s), and I wore white socks with black shoes. Long story short, we looked a mess. But onward we went after dropping daughter off at school, into the land of our local grocer.

We made it out of the store with only the necessities we’d be needing for the remainder of the week. Before we were able to sprint from the door to the truck with our cart and get out of the cold, a friendly journalist stopped us mid-stride.

She smiled. (Too cheerful for a snow day, in my opinion.) But, she was nice and so we shoved our hands into our pockets to listen to what her purpose was for being out in the wretched cold at such an hour.

“Hi. I’m with the local newspaper, and we’re covering a story about the snow day today. Would you mind if I took a photo of the both of you coming out of the store with your groceries?” She asked.

My eyes widened as I looked at the huge camera waiting to capture me looking like a hell-doll in the Land of The Misfits. My husband ran a hand over his mashed hair, holding onto the grocery cart with a Kung-Foo grip.

“Oh, God no! Please don’t,” I said, shaking my head. My husband softly cursed and motioned for me to come on. The journalist’s shoulders slumped a little, and I felt ridiculous because I didn’t contain my outburst. I tried to fix my rude comment in an awkward attempt at reconciliation. It wasn’t her fault we looked like hell.

I cleared my throat. “I’m sorry. I sure hope you find a glamor shot this morning for your article. Thank you for the opportunity, but I guess we’ll have to pass. I hope you have a good day.”

She smiled. “No problem.”

We waved and continued on to the truck, my husband whispering harshly when the journalist was out of ear-shot.

“I can’t believe you said that,” he said.

I frowned.

“Yeah, it was rude. But you have flat hair, and I have white socks on with black pants. But I’m wearing pants today, so that’s something!” I gave him a thumbs up, widening my eyes.

“You’re weird,” he said.

“I know. And you love me that way,” I said, giving him my sweetest smile.

He gave me a sideways glance, his disagreeable hair strange and endeared at the moment, and grinned. “Yes, I do.”

neither wearing pants

Who would’ve thought we’d find one another in a sea of people and still be together after all these years? Romance for us hasn’t always been chocolate covered fruit, music, and dinners or nights out alone. It’s stealing moments that make us cringe, laugh, and lead to love we’ll only know with one another during the day-to-day stuff.

Since I’m only posting once this week, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a spouse, a partner, a good friend, a close relative, a loveable pet or spending time treating YOU well – I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love happiness.

© Laurie Kozlowski 2014-Present All Rights Reserved.

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Thoughts On The Wild And Crazy Life of A Writer And Review of The Curveball by J.S. Scott (Big Girls and Bad Boys Series)

The wild and crazy life of a writer includes (but is not limited to) reading, writing, social media, reading, writing, more social media…eating, maybe sleeping, caffeinating….well, you get the picture. It’s really not so exciting on a standard or even the extremely productive writing days. Good thing we are able to spin wild stories from ordinary circumstances instead of acting them out or we all may be locked up in the looney bin with the key thrown away. Soon the doctors would realize we were all escaping in our imaginations though they had dosed us all up with Tharizone like in the hilarious move The Dream Team. My favorite line from the movie by actor Peter Boyle (said as he is casually reading the newspaper naked in his chair in the hospital and the doctor asks him if he would put pants on): “We are all naked in the eyes of the Lord.” I almost busted a gut watching this movie, seriously, and it even had a writer in it (Billy Crystal) who had serious anger issues and threw chairs through windows. It’s a must watch oldie if you haven’t seen it yet, but…..where was I? Oh, yeah. Writing.

I thought I’d update everyone who follows this blog and enjoys the posts and my writing on how my stories are going. The main reason I haven’t been posting much is because the writing is mostly going very well. The contemporary romance Lonely Hearts In Texas series is making progress. The main issue I’m running into with this series is new characters popping up and having enough discipline to focus on just one story and develop it from the series. This is exciting but extremely overwhelming at times. I’m keeping at it, though, and believe it’s going to be well worth all the time I’m taking to develop the characters as they continue to surprise (and sometimes disappoint me) in where they want to take the story.

The Motherhood Memoir series I’m blogging is on hold for now, but not indefinitely. Depression is a serious condition that deserves the proper respect and articulacy that comes from the heart. Right now I’m not bent on re-visiting dark memories, but sometime when I’m taking a break from my fiction writing I will continue with the memoir.

Also, I have a new AUTHOR PAGE that I’d love you all to visit and “like” if you enjoy what you read here. I love interacting with other writers and readers when I get the chance and you’ll be able to know what’s most recently going on with my writing and the blog there. You could also visit the HOME PAGE of LaurieWriting and press the Facebook LIKE button on the right of home page then read any posts you may have missed.   

Then I’ll be able to say…


There is also a new short story contemporary romance series I’m working on that will most likely be published before the first book of the Lonely Hearts series…more to come on that in a later post. I’m just full of surprises 😉

So, now that I’ve given you my little writing update, I’d like to share a review of an excellent erotic short story I’ve recently read this weekend that I really enjoyed. Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy the review of The Curveball. Have a great week everyone!  


Big Girl Erotic Romance At Its Best

J.S. Scott drew me in with this fun, steamy and quick read. I was pleasantly surprised at how I connected with both characters and the author’s voice as I read. As a work at home Mom, romance reader, and curvy girl myself, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to escape into Maggie and Jack’s world for a while.

I love how the author portrayed Maggie throughout the story, giving her just enough insecurity to need Jake without making her seem like a desperate or needy charity case (as many people would presume because of their lifestyle differences.) I usually like stronger heroines, but could sympathize with Maggie because she didn’t come off as whiny or weak. She only needed that one extra affirmation from Jake to take the plunge into this hot whirl-wind romance with him.

Jake was terrific, too. I enjoy difficult alpha males in longer novels, but for this short story his character had just enough alpha to make me love him and didn’t leave any loose strings about hidden issues. He comes off as a nice and sincere guy, not just out for a quick hook up. His passion, tenderness, and sincerity for wanting Maggie just as she is was very touching and admirable because he’s longed for her for so long and finally goes through with a clever plan to catch her attention and get her to himself. Maggie and Jake are an unlikely couple with opposite lifestyles but the heat when they get together is off the charts. Well written, tender, and hot – I have to give major kudos to author Scott for her remarkable talent in measuring and combining the perfect ingredients when writing The Curveball to make me crave more of this delicious series! Must read!

Note: Intended for readers 18 +. This story contains graphic sex, graphic language and other subjects for mature audiences only.

Review by Laurie Kozlowski

The Curveball Is A Story From The Curves Collection – Big Girls And Bad Boys

 About The Author

JSScottAuthorBioPicJ.S. Scott is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can’t seem to write them any other way! She lives with her husband in the picturesque Colorado Rockies.

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Kissing In The Moonlight – Music Monday Dose of Country Romance

Breaking up to make up. Leaving, hoping they will ask you to stay. Or maybe being scared shitless of staying – wanting one last kiss. I know I had you hooked on the word shitless, so roll with me here 😉

There’s something romantic about letting go and a first (or last) kiss. Every romance novel I’ve read has had some combination of the situations in the first sentence of this post playing out on the page much to my thrill (if the characters seem real and I can connect with them) or to my annoyance (if the characters continue on like a soap opera with too much drama and no motivation). The book I’m working on now will also include some (or all) of these situations in some manner.

I have yet to write my hero and heroine’s first (or last) kiss in the story, but in the scene I’m writing today they will meet beneath the Texas sky at night in lesser-than-romantic conditions for the second time. Though I’m planning scenes as I go along, I’m not sure where in the book they will want to kiss. Every time I sit down to write, it’s like kissing roulette. Lol. It’s still early in the story, so I’m giving them some time to annoy one another (no doubt, there will be a bit of wry humor involved), filling out their characters to make them look, sound, and behave as I imagine. It’s been fun and challenging developing their story.

Earlier this year, I participated in camp NanoWriMo and I’ve noticed many people going for the gold again in Nano’s prime month of November. I’m not participating because I’m not at a point where I want to step away from this story and start another. I’ll be seeing this book through to the end and picking up my pace, so I want to wish everyone participating in NanoWriMo GOOD LUCK!

I think we all know luck has nothing to do with it – we have to sit our asses down and write, but best wishes to you anyway! 😉

And for fellow bookworms who love to read and those just taking time to read this post, happy reading.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Here’s an up-beat country romance song about some moonlight kissin’ from one of my favorite country artists, Randy Houser. Yee-Haw, ya’ll! *Muah!*

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Goodnight Kiss by Randy Houser

What are you reading or writing now?