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September ‘Books to Read’ Lineup and More #AmReading

September is a happy month. It means cooler weather, comfortable hoodie-sweaters, warm tea…and a lot of inside reading time. This month I celebrated my 15-year wedding anniversary. My husband is happy with my book-addiction, because reading makes me a delirious and proud introvert. 😉 Since an adjustment to a part-time job that borders on full-time work-hours, I’ve especially missed the book-reading part of life. I’m sure many of you know how it is to go back into a job you HAVE to do that PAYS so you can eventually build a little nest-egg for better financial security and (fingers-crossed)-just might be able to pay some toward what you DREAM to do with your life. In case you have no idea what it is to be in the aforementioned situation – I’ll spare you the boring details.

Glad to be back to reading and reviewing, I’m scheduling in reading time, whenever possible. To get started, I read Biting Cold by Chloe Neill. I’m familiar with the Chicago Vampire series, and I knew this book would propel my reading-momentum. From paranormal/urban fantasy, I moved to contemporary romance entitled All I Want by Jill Shalvis. But after two romance books, I yearned to reach out into a different realm. I started Insidious-an FBI thriller novel by Catherine Coulter. What a change this was for me, to delve into a twist-and-turn suspense; I am inspired by all the plots and sub-plots, and I look forward to happens next! Last but not least, I’ve finished the audio-book of Jennifer Weiner’s women-fiction novel, Certain Girls; what a fabulous read! The family drama isn’t over-the top, but heartfelt tragedy and uncertainty is what makes this books shine.

Though I always enjoy supporting authors by leaving reviews, I have to admit writing reviews isn’t ENTIRELY unselfish. 🙂 Reading outside my preferred genre (romance), keeps my plot-ideas fresh and is teaching me how to keep a steady pace of events as I write. I’ve noticed in the thriller I’m reading, there are many characters, but the story stays tidy and has a tight objective. A challenge I have when writing romance is becoming so involved with the couple being in love, I miss opportunities to drive the pace of the story into a faster, more adventurous themed-setting or events. I’m going to try to continue to read suspense and thrillers because I do not only enjoy reading them, but it’s fun to see how the author unravels plot-knots.

If you have a favorite genre, what compels you to diversify your reading palette?


Trying to find your next book to read? I have a list of books I’ve reviewed on Book Escape Reviews or we can connect on Goodreads and share the book-love. Happy Reading!

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