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When Plans Fall Through

Have you ever worked hard to be where you want to be only to lose it? It doesn’t feel good, at first, to know a job or dream has slipped through your fingers. I had a decision to make this May after a publisher I worked with went out of business. Since I’d only published one book with them (three others, on my own, before that)-I could re-publish the book again as a self-published author or I could inquire for a book agent (I’ve heard they live somewhere over the rainbow) and take my chance again in traditional publishing.

So where have I been since May of this year?

In a dark hole of grief and introspection.

I haven’t re-published. Here are only a FEW reasons why:

I’m sick of re-editing the same damn book a thousand different ways.

I’ve lost my love for the process (at least temporarily)

I’d rather be reading

It probably goes without saying after a publisher ditches several hundreds authors to go out of business, I’m a little distrustful of traditional publishing. In the defense of my former publisher, I know for sure they set out to encourage many authors-and they have certainly been a learning tool for me, showing me how a traditional publisher works.

However, I will not sign-on with traditional publishing anytime soon because:

Authors are expected to invest a shitload of money into marketing and I don’t have time to market myself as much as I’d like.

Until I finish my third novel, I probably won’t see a dime of payment straight out of the publishing gate.

In the mean time, I have a job not having to do with writing or publishing, and I’m quite content. Also, the mess of discouragement has actually helped me to remember a few things I COULDN’T do because I HAD to write.

Reading, for instance:  |  Goodreads

And graphic design and web designing.

But as you can see, I’m not COMPLETELY done writing-I’m continuing to blog and who knows, I might put a few stories out there sometime next year. I’ll let you know if I do!

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