Feel The #Love : #Free and Discounted Books

In celebration of all things love and happiness, what if I told you my newest romantic fiction book-Serendipity Summer-is now on sale for a mere .99 cents for Kindle and is free on I-tunes?



Here’s your chance to grab my book for less than a cup of coffee. Who knows how long it will stay on sale. Get your copy today!

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In Laurie Kozlowski’s contemporary romance novella, Serendipity Summer, friends once separated by life’s unexpected challenges discover they have a second chance at love in the charming mountain town of Riverbend, Tennessee. Jake and Anna reunite during a sensual, late-night swim and restoring an old inn together blasts their chemistry off the charts. But as destiny urges their hearts forward, intruding secrets from the past threaten their opportunity to finally have lasting happiness. 

Serendipity Summer is the first book in the Riverbend Way series and reflects small-town life, includes some comical relief, and incorporates heartwarming characters who triumph over difficult life circumstances. 
Please note: This series is recommended only for those 18 years and older.

Serendipity Summer on :  Amazon | I-Tunes

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