Musings · Thanksgiving

Contentment In Trouble and Fond Memories #Thankful

Happiness is …

If you have trouble continuing this statement, have no fear: you’re in control.

Okay. I’ll admit. There are certain aspects beyond control. But I’m not here to tell anyone their tragedy or what they are going through matters less than my mere musing on happiness.
The ramblings in my head have more to do with overall contentment in any circumstance. Seems like a wild idea, huh?
It is.
We reflect to the world what we believe and it boomarangs back to us in spades.
A lady greets me one morning in passing. We both continue on our way doing what we need to do, but
we circle back around to one another again. “How are you?” I ask as I continue my task.
She frowns and rests a hand on her hip. “Are you one of those people who has a short-term memory? ‘Cause I said hello to you back there earlier.”
A couple of thoughts crossed my mind as she asked this question. I thought “she thinks I’m senile! How hilarious is that!” then the next thought was “why would someone be offended to be asked how they are?”
Then I noticed her cell phone.
I grin. “No. I know you did. I’m asking how you are doing today.”
“Oh, okay. I thought you didn’t remember.”
I try not to chuckle, but I know when to back off. I continue on my way, knowing she didn’t care to answer my simple question at all.
Or maybe it wasn’t such a simple question for her to answer.
I recognized a worried expression on her face as she stepped outside to answer a phone call.
I have a strange habit that seems to be rather quirky and to some people….plain out crazy. But it works. It really does.
As the worried lady and I parted ways, I silently thought blessings for her and her stress and her life.
Her stress? Yeah. Stress.
Because it takes one to know one. We all have our breaking points. Our bodies need rest. Our minds need peace. Our hearts need love. Our spirits need lifting. Our lives need joy and understanding.
Happiness is in thankfulness and it grows stronger each time we pass it on to others in love.

I truly am grateful I have a healthy memory. My grandmother’s birthday would have been on Veteran’s day. She had Alzheimer’s toward the end of her life, but got up every morning like clockwork at seven a.m. She’d comb her hair and she’d dress for the day. Sometimes she’d stay in her housecoat, a soft zip-up robe, and she made sure it was always clean. I swear the woman looked like queen in her red auto-lift recliner and dainty housecoats. Makes me smile every time I think of it…


When she wore her red scarf and hat, white-silver hair glistened against the garments. The powerful color, known in corporate America to signify boldness and strength was not lost on my Grandmother’s humble yet dignified presence in her last days.
She reminded me of a regal cardinal, perching on a branch. Its wise eyes honed in on surroundings and its joyous song projected only when there is something important to say. Each time I see a cardinal I like to think she’s come to visit me.
I’m thankful for memories past, present, and future.

What are you thankful for today?

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