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A New Project: Messy Muses Childrens Books

Many of you who follow this blog know I write romance. My five year old daughter and I are also having fun creating a childrens book. It gives me a break from revisions–though I’m excited about the cover release, coming up soon, for Serendipity Summer!–and it has also given her an outlet for expression as she creates the illustrations. We don’t worry about how messy it gets, but we enjoy cutting loose each weekend with a ton of multi-textured finger paint as we break out the brushes with all sorts of colorful backdrops for the foundation. We explore our messy muses by telling the story we want through art.


It has also been a way for me to communicate with her in a more relaxed environment. I have felt our communication growing stronger and our bond growing as we continue to build upon our story with these fun illustrations. If you’d like to know more about Messy Muses, our new childrens book project, please feel free to follow our blog. We hope to have our first newsletter out soon and would love for other parents, teachers, musicians, and artists who want to spread the word for child literacy through art, music, reading, and writing…to be guests on our Messy Muses blog and be involved with us on our site as the project continues to grow.

Learn more about Messy Muses HERE. Or go straight to the BLOG. Our first post includes an audio interview, where Zoko, my daughter, interviews me about being prepared.

Now back to revisions with Serendipity Summer! As promised, I will be posting back here, soon, to let you know of the progress concerning my romance writing. Be on the lookout for the beautiful new cover designed by Kim Killion from The Killion Group. I’m so excited to share it with you! Thanks for being a part by following LaurieWriting.

Have a wonderful week! 😀

4 thoughts on “A New Project: Messy Muses Childrens Books

  1. I’m so happy your going to be doing Children’s books with your daughter! I’m always looking for fun and original books to share with my Grandbaby! Hope the edits go smoothly….looking forward to reding your story also. xo

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  2. Aw, thanks, Pat! xo

    I’d be honored if you’d follow mine and Zoko’s blog, Messy Muses, so you’ll be able to share our book with your Grandbaby when we have our first book published. I hope to incorporate fun things for children to interact and do online, too, that encourages fun communications through art with their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles…etc. The main thing is they enjoy learning, reading, writing, and creating. Please stop by sometime and check out mine a Zoko’s blog at

    Thanks for following this blog to get the romance writing updates, too. I’ve just gotten back the final round of edits, so things are coming together, nicely. Soon it will be out of my hands and into yours to enjoy Jake and Anna’s sweet romance with a touch of hot!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your beautiful thoughts about reading to your Grandbaby and reading Serendipity Summer. xoxo


  3. What a fantastic way to bond with your granddaughter. Like yourself, I write more than one genre of books. I write children’s books, mostly, however I finished writing my first suspense novel this past winter.
    Your granddaughter must love creating stories with you. I find that kids are more inclined to bond with those who show special interests within them. Congrats on all of your writing and your new project with your little one!


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