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Thoughts On The Wild And Crazy Life of A Writer And Review of The Curveball by J.S. Scott (Big Girls and Bad Boys Series)

The wild and crazy life of a writer includes (but is not limited to) reading, writing, social media, reading, writing, more social media…eating, maybe sleeping, caffeinating….well, you get the picture. It’s really not so exciting on a standard or even the extremely productive writing days. Good thing we are able to spin wild stories from ordinary circumstances instead of acting them out or we all may be locked up in the looney bin with the key thrown away. Soon the doctors would realize we were all escaping in our imaginations though they had dosed us all up with Tharizone like in the hilarious move The Dream Team. My favorite line from the movie by actor Peter Boyle (said as he is casually reading the newspaper naked in his chair in the hospital and the doctor asks him if he would put pants on): “We are all naked in the eyes of the Lord.” I almost busted a gut watching this movie, seriously, and it even had a writer in it (Billy Crystal) who had serious anger issues and threw chairs through windows. It’s a must watch oldie if you haven’t seen it yet, but…..where was I? Oh, yeah. Writing.

I thought I’d update everyone who follows this blog and enjoys the posts and my writing on how my stories are going. The main reason I haven’t been posting much is because the writing is mostly going very well. The contemporary romance Lonely Hearts In Texas series is making progress. The main issue I’m running into with this series is new characters popping up and having enough discipline to focus on just one story and develop it from the series. This is exciting but extremely overwhelming at times. I’m keeping at it, though, and believe it’s going to be well worth all the time I’m taking to develop the characters as they continue to surprise (and sometimes disappoint me) in where they want to take the story.

The Motherhood Memoir series I’m blogging is on hold for now, but not indefinitely. Depression is a serious condition that deserves the proper respect and articulacy that comes from the heart. Right now I’m not bent on re-visiting dark memories, but sometime when I’m taking a break from my fiction writing I will continue with the memoir.

Also, I have a new AUTHOR PAGE that I’d love you all to visit and “like” if you enjoy what you read here. I love interacting with other writers and readers when I get the chance and you’ll be able to know what’s most recently going on with my writing and the blog there. You could also visit the HOME PAGE of LaurieWriting and press the Facebook LIKE button on the right of home page then read any posts you may have missed.   

Then I’ll be able to say…


There is also a new short story contemporary romance series I’m working on that will most likely be published before the first book of the Lonely Hearts series…more to come on that in a later post. I’m just full of surprises 😉

So, now that I’ve given you my little writing update, I’d like to share a review of an excellent erotic short story I’ve recently read this weekend that I really enjoyed. Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy the review of The Curveball. Have a great week everyone!  


Big Girl Erotic Romance At Its Best

J.S. Scott drew me in with this fun, steamy and quick read. I was pleasantly surprised at how I connected with both characters and the author’s voice as I read. As a work at home Mom, romance reader, and curvy girl myself, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to escape into Maggie and Jack’s world for a while.

I love how the author portrayed Maggie throughout the story, giving her just enough insecurity to need Jake without making her seem like a desperate or needy charity case (as many people would presume because of their lifestyle differences.) I usually like stronger heroines, but could sympathize with Maggie because she didn’t come off as whiny or weak. She only needed that one extra affirmation from Jake to take the plunge into this hot whirl-wind romance with him.

Jake was terrific, too. I enjoy difficult alpha males in longer novels, but for this short story his character had just enough alpha to make me love him and didn’t leave any loose strings about hidden issues. He comes off as a nice and sincere guy, not just out for a quick hook up. His passion, tenderness, and sincerity for wanting Maggie just as she is was very touching and admirable because he’s longed for her for so long and finally goes through with a clever plan to catch her attention and get her to himself. Maggie and Jake are an unlikely couple with opposite lifestyles but the heat when they get together is off the charts. Well written, tender, and hot – I have to give major kudos to author Scott for her remarkable talent in measuring and combining the perfect ingredients when writing The Curveball to make me crave more of this delicious series! Must read!

Note: Intended for readers 18 +. This story contains graphic sex, graphic language and other subjects for mature audiences only.

Review by Laurie Kozlowski

The Curveball Is A Story From The Curves Collection – Big Girls And Bad Boys

 About The Author

JSScottAuthorBioPicJ.S. Scott is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can’t seem to write them any other way! She lives with her husband in the picturesque Colorado Rockies.

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