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Kissing In The Moonlight – Music Monday Dose of Country Romance

Breaking up to make up. Leaving, hoping they will ask you to stay. Or maybe being scared shitless of staying – wanting one last kiss. I know I had you hooked on the word shitless, so roll with me here 😉

There’s something romantic about letting go and a first (or last) kiss. Every romance novel I’ve read has had some combination of the situations in the first sentence of this post playing out on the page much to my thrill (if the characters seem real and I can connect with them) or to my annoyance (if the characters continue on like a soap opera with too much drama and no motivation). The book I’m working on now will also include some (or all) of these situations in some manner.

I have yet to write my hero and heroine’s first (or last) kiss in the story, but in the scene I’m writing today they will meet beneath the Texas sky at night in lesser-than-romantic conditions for the second time. Though I’m planning scenes as I go along, I’m not sure where in the book they will want to kiss. Every time I sit down to write, it’s like kissing roulette. Lol. It’s still early in the story, so I’m giving them some time to annoy one another (no doubt, there will be a bit of wry humor involved), filling out their characters to make them look, sound, and behave as I imagine. It’s been fun and challenging developing their story.

Earlier this year, I participated in camp NanoWriMo and I’ve noticed many people going for the gold again in Nano’s prime month of November. I’m not participating because I’m not at a point where I want to step away from this story and start another. I’ll be seeing this book through to the end and picking up my pace, so I want to wish everyone participating in NanoWriMo GOOD LUCK!

I think we all know luck has nothing to do with it – we have to sit our asses down and write, but best wishes to you anyway! 😉

And for fellow bookworms who love to read and those just taking time to read this post, happy reading.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Here’s an up-beat country romance song about some moonlight kissin’ from one of my favorite country artists, Randy Houser. Yee-Haw, ya’ll! *Muah!*

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