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Breathtaking Romance And A Heart Full Of Hope

One reason I love reading and writing romance is because the story draws me into the moment between characters. The adventures they go on, the anticipation they feel, the kiss they finally share…….they are full of hope and tenderness. The memorable stories, to me, are the ones that are slightly unpredictable for the couple falling in love.

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I’m not referring to the story with so many twists and turns it leaves your brain hurting to remember where in the blazes the story was going in the first place, but rather how challenging circumstances in each characters life and their flaws essentially bring them together in the end for that they-just-barley- made-it happily-ever-after. Page after page, you’re left with a sense of underlying and growing love between the hero and heroine…..and the story ending takes your breath away as the two characters finally earn their happily-ever-after.

I have to admit, this is a major challenge in writing the story I’m working on now. It all sounds so simple and enjoyable to read, but for the story to live up to the expectations I have as a reader will be quite a task. One of the best foundations for writing a romance is to continue reading romance.

I’m thinking it’s about time to curl up with a breathtaking romance novel. Good thing I have a wonderful review coming up for Chick-Lit Author Mandy Baggot soon, which means now I’ll be able to curl up and be drawn into a moment once more 🙂

Of course, nothing compares to being drawn into the real life moments. If you’re lucky enough to have that special someone as I do – hold on to them, hope, and be drawn into the moment – because one doesn’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Has there been a book or film love story that has drawn you into the story, left you breathless, and a little more hopeful?