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See You Be Brave! – Your Cup Of Courage On Music Monday

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you could only say what you really wanted to say?

Before you go flipping the bird and cursing at the jerk face in front of you today for not using his blinker on a crowded interstate (not that I’ve done that 😉 ), what I’m mainly referring to is that one big fear that has the ability to hold a person back from having peace of mind and living life to the fullest.

No, I’m not an expert and am far from having all the answers, but as a writer and general psychology addict I think about these things. Most of the time, doubt stems from fear.

I think fear is only as strong as we allow it to be.

I’ve been working on the first draft of book one in my Lonely Hearts In Texas series for weeks now.

*Please note: The Lonely Hearts In Texas Series is now re-named as of August 2014. It is now the Riverbend Way series. All copyrights still stand. Thank you.

First it was: If I could only write a first draft in a month like so-and-so I could make it as a writer.

Next it was: If I only had the time to write every day!

Then it was: Now I have the time, but holy hell and damnation, who is able to think at 4am?

Now it’s this: I’m finally writing every day (yay!), but do I have the courage to go where I’ve never gone before in writing this story?


It’s come to a point in my first draft where digging deeper is a necessity. Frankly or Shirley lol….this scares the daylights out of me. Every writing day fluctuates with my mood, but I write every day. That’s a great foundation. Doubt is only holding the story back and it’s time to get on with it already.

Is it possible to break though doubts and come out the victor over what seems to be a big obstacle staring me in the face?

The answer for me, any writer, or person out there with doubts and fears is: Yes!

I’m a master procrastinator. Today I consider my procrastination worthwhile as I share an amazing song that has inspired me to tackle my writing doubt today…..and I hope it gives someone else the same kick in the badonk-a-donk as it’s given me 😀

There is no better time than the present to drink from a cup of courage and rob doubt of its hold on you.  Why wait to move on with your fictional story or permit defeat in certain areas of your life?

A cup for me, a cup for you.

Time to let the brave shine though!

Happy Monday!


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