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Kissing Trees, Finding The Superstar, and Overcoming The Stigma Of Romance Writing


The Romance Writing Monologues

Please allow me to express my writing conundrum in a monologue channeling Mary Catherine Gallagher, Catholic school girl who wants to reach her dreams, from the movie SUPERSTAR. Although she wanted to be an actress, this is what I envision for the movie if she were facing the same crossroads as I am in romance writing. Let me just say, I do not smell my pits and kiss trees like MCG in the movie, though I can’t guarantee I didn’t laugh hysterically while watching this movie because I think every introvert with big dreams can be inspired by her quirky tale of stardom and success. Here are the voices in her (my) head:

MCG: Coming from a conservative small town, I am able to relate to the stigma many of my friends, family, and acquaintances buy into when it comes to romance books and writing. The whole 50 Shades fiasco on Mommy Porn seems a bit overbearing in my opinion, but I do love writing steamy scenes.

Angel: Frowns  It is not respectable to give into such temptations. Resist temptation and protect your fragile mind from sin.

Devil: Snorts  It takes a strong-minded woman to express herself in words articulately whatever content is written. Don’t listen to Angel. I think every one of the main characters in your series should get it on at least a few times in the story. Your sensual side has to come out somewhere. Why not on the page?

MCG: I’ve been on the fence with writing lately wondering how bold is too bold. What will people think if I wrote THAT?

Angel: You’re going to hell if you write such trash! Oh, I mean….I’ll pray for you.

Devil: Angel is a fucking liar. It’s not trash. Writing sensual scenes that a reader is able to connect with takes talent. The worst that will happen is you get burned with criticism from cold-blooded, sex-starved ninnies and jealous assholes.

MCG: This has done nothing to help me in my decision except to confirm that I am losing it. Angel, thanks for your prayers because I’m sure I will need some divine intervention to press past my deep-seeded fear of writing explicitly.

Devil, I really think you were an A-hole to Angel and should apologize. You do, however make some very good points…..and I am kind of tired of playing it safe in my writing. I’ll strongly consider your advice.

Angel:Crosses her arms and glares at devil  Go to hell!

Devil: Smirks at Angel  I thought I saw a little bit of devil in her angel eyes.

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