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A Motherhood Memoir (Pt3): Doggone Mommy Madness

Every parent has their bad days, maybe feeling like they fall short of the holy grail of parenthood and moral goodness. Rules may fly out the window on a whim during a moment of defeat and it’s easy to think we’ve failed. I want to speak to those parents, and anyone who is interested in knowing more about postpartum depression. I found during pregnancy, there were an abundance of articles, books, and resources with answers for new parents and the joys of parenthood.

About a month after my daughter was born I decided I would never trust a self-help book on parenting and threw the damn things away. The reality is, many new parents fight an uphill battle and are struggling to get through it. I’m not an expert and don’t have the answers, but am sharing how it was for me. Motherhood doesn’t come natural for every woman nor does every man embrace the duties of Fatherhood. It helps to try and heal from the past, make the most of the present, and find joy as we work toward a better future for our families.

I hope my memoir of motherhood gives some insight into the challenges of new parenthood and the first and most important years of childhood as well as what life is like during postpartum depression. My intent is to reach out to people who are in similar situations and may be going through a tough time to let them know they are not alone.

Posts on A MOTHERHOOD MEMOIR have been temporarily removed, pending a completion of the full story in its entirety. A release date for this blogging series (and now book memoir), has not been set and is temporarily on hold in order to complete other works in progress. Thank you to readers who have followed this blogging series. I will re-post the entire story to the blog when it is completed.