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Sort-Of-Erotic Encounter With A Drive-Thru Coffee Barista

On one of my foggy-brained days, my husband decided to whip into my favorite coffee shop to surprise me with some high-octane writing fuel. I was hesitant because of the calories. Our daughter was in the back seat asking a million questions my mind couldn’t answer, and I knew it would be a long night ahead. I was so exhausted I shrugged, gave a small smile and said, “thanks, sounds good.” By the time I finally gave an answer he had to turn around in traffic half a mile down the road to get back to the place. This is true love.

“Want to go in?” He asked. I looked back at daughter, becoming wired at 8pm because she’s like me, a night owl. “I don’t think so,” I said. I was beginning to say let me go in and order, I like it a certain way, when he pulled up to the drive-thru speaker and the barista’s voice boomed out through the speaker.

“Good Evening. May I take your order please?” A friendly male voice said.

You know that moment when you think of something before you say it? Yeah, well, I don’t either. Especially that evening. Hubs was motioning for me to give my order to the barista. The problem was, the speaker was faaaarrrr away. So, I had to shout to the speaker from the passenger’s side. Then I opened my mouth and it happened.

“Erm. I’d like an iced coffee please, but I like it sweet and creamy. Can you make it sweet and creamy?” I shouted, probably loud enough for a person to hear a mile away.

There was a chuckle from the barista, and a deeper voice answered, “I can make it sweet and creamy for you, girl.”

“Oh my God,” hubs looked up at the truck ceiling, shaking his head. I could see him biting back a small smile, but he’d never admit to it.

I laughed, finally realizing what happened. “What?!” I asked hubs when he glared at me, still fighting back a grin.

“I can’t take you anywhere,” he grumbled. I just shrugged. “I like my coffee a certain way,” I said.

We pulled up to the window and the friendly barista stretched out his arm with my high-octane fuel, handing it to my husband. He looked over at me, “sweet and creamy, just like you wanted,” and gave me a bright smile and a wink.

“Uhm, thanks!” I smiled back politely.

Hubs peeled out of the parking lot, the coffee sloshing, but not spilling because the lid was secure.

Now maybe if I could only think on those foggy-brained days without caffeine, these awkward instances wouldn’t happen. But, that would be no fun. I’m easily amused. So, there you have it. My sort-of erotic encounter with a drive-thru barista.

8 thoughts on “Sort-Of-Erotic Encounter With A Drive-Thru Coffee Barista

  1. This is hilarious! If it wasn’t because everyone was sleeping right now, I would be roaring with laughter. As ACoM mentioned, it could have been worse.


  2. It’s okay Laurie, lack of caffeine will make us say anything to get our addicted hands on it. Kudos to your hubby for understanding and holding back his laughter until later 🙂


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