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A Little Depp For Your Step: Walking Is Sexy


Johnny Depp walks 500 miles to be the man at my door….well at least that is what I imagined when I heard the song in the movie Benny & Joon. I don’t remember the movie but distinctly remember the song. Probably because I was a hormonal driven romantic teen with a strong case of puppy love.

All grown up now, I’ll take Johnny over the song. Also, I walk to be healthier – not so much for romantic reasons.

Of course there is this…………

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Fridays are normally reserved for my “Fresh Food Friday” posts where I share healthy and delicious recipes for healthier living. I’m no expert, but am venturing on in my own weight-loss journey hoping to help others along the way. Today I’m adding fitness to the mix, because a balanced diet is important, but fitness and food goes hand-in-hand in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve started (and stopped) counting calories through My Fitness Pal for a couple of months now. Time to get back on the wagon. Food logging is effective, and the great thing about My Fitness Pal is you can friend people to have support and offer support to others.

There is one thing I shy away from, and it is fitness. The main reason I think I have such trouble with sticking to a fitness plan is because I haven’t considered my personal limitations. After all, if *they* are able to do it, *I* should be able to, right? Suck it up! Blech. Whatever.

No, this is not necessarily true. In most cases a person has to begin with small changes and stay persistent. Too much change at once will not only become stressful, but taxing physically and yield high burnout. Then a person ends up where they began or worse – more unhealthy. This no-pain/no-gain approach works for some, but for many it leaves them feeling like a big, fat failure. No thanks!

This is why I love walking. Most anyone can walk, and should be fortunate to be able to do so. It may be on a beach or a sidewalk in town. It may be at a mall early each morning. Where ever it is, it’s a step in the right direction.

Walking helps circulation, and is important in keeping the heart healthy. My brain wakes up about one-half mile into my walk. It’s almost better than…….dare I say?……..Caffeine <insert gasp here>. After a walk a body feels revived, and on sluggish days it is a great feeling to know you’re staying proactive by walking. I find on days I walk, I focus better and the day is more productive. It has also been proven to help prevent depression and ease anxiety.

Peace is in a walk.Many story ideas and plot twists are born when I go walking. I take a tiny composition notebook I purchase from the Dollar Tree and a pen with me to jot them down.

I have so many fitness disaster stories, it’s tragic. Good thing I’m able to laugh at them now, because I realize there are no quick solutions when it comes to fitness. It is a *very* gradual process of pulling oneself out of denial and finding a reasonable fitness plan that works without killing oneself in the gym because of guilt. Guilt is a poor motivation. Comparison is only a set-up for failure. Finding what works takes time, and an intentional effort in recognizing what doesn’t work and moving on…… tough. Main thing is – knowing it is possible.

Fitness is important. If you’re like me and have had unrealistic expectations, it’s okay to try. Just know if those hard-core fitness solutions yield a high-burnout for you, it may be time for a walk. Find what works for you and keep moving daily. Feel good about taking care of you!

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  1. Thanks for talking about two things I love. Well, Johnny Depp isn’t a thing…but you know what I mean. Great post 🙂


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