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Cover Reveal: “Melody In My Head” by Nikki Lynn Barrett


I’m excited to welcome romance Author Nikki Lynn Barrett to LaurieWriting today as she, Jameson (hero), and Melody (heroine) unveil the cover for the second book in the Love and Music in Texas series!

Here’s Nikki. Enjoy!

 Hi everyone! I thought I’d bring Jameson and Melody with me to help unveil the cover for their story.  The Melody in My Head should be out within a few weeks- late July or early August. This is book two in the Love and Music in Texas series. Book one, Baby Stetson, has been discounted to $.99 for a limited time. You’ll get your first glimpse of Jameson in Baby Stetson, and then get to know this sweet guitar player much better in his own story.

JAMESON: Sweet, really? You didn’t think that of me at first…   Glares

NIKKI: I know, I know…I’m sorry! How many times do I have to apologize?

JAMESON: Well, you wouldn’t have to if you’d just kept it quiet about your original plan for me, you know.

NIKKI: Good marketing? Laughs

JAMESON: Hmph….I don’t know about that.

NIKKI: Oh, don’t play the pouting card with me. Save that for Melody.

MELODY: I heard my name…Am I late?

NIKKI: Not by much, it’s okay. We’re about ready to unveil your cover.

MELODY: Oh! So I haven’t missed the fun part yet.

NIKKI: Nope, just missing Jameson grumbling at me.

MELODY: Why are you grumbling at our author, Jameson?

JAMESON: Because she must get a kick out of telling everyone that I wasn’t originally a good character in her mind….

MELODY: Wait….what?  I didn’t know any of this….

NIKKI: Okay, okay! Come on! I don’t always know how every character is going to play out!  You should feel lucky, Jameson. You won me over. I knew after awhile while writing Baby Stetson that I couldn’t keep you as a bad guy…and I even gave you your own story! So….stop picking on me about it now.  Besides, it worked out. Look at you now!

JAMESON: Yeah, after a lot of torture.

NIKKI: You sound just like Lucas…he pretty much said the same thing to me.

JAMESON: Maybe that should tell you something.

NIKKI: Oy vey…Okay, I think it’s time to show off your cover before I get ganged up on again by my characters. Sheesh!

Music and Love In Texas Series Book 2
Love and Music In Texas Series Book 2

MELODY: I love our cover.

JAMESON: hugging Melody  As do I.

NIKKI: I appreciate you guys coming with me to help show off your cover. Are you ready for the world to read your story soon?

MELODY: I’m a little nervous…okay, very nervous, but it sounds like this could be fun! 

JAMESON:I’m ready. We only interrupted you writing something else to write our story, so it’s only fair. 

NIKKI: You are persistent, I’ll give you that.

MELODY: Yes, he certainly is. Smiles

NIKKI: Anything you want to say before we go?

JAMESON: We’ll see everyone in a few weeks! In the meantime, check out Avery and Lucas’s story if you haven’t already. Maybe you’ll see right away that I’m not a bad character, even if our dear author didn’t.

MELODY: Jameson! You really are as bad as Lucas. Don’t tell her I said that.   Okay, well, like Jameson, I am excited about our story. Thanks for bringing us with to show off the cover!

NIKKI: Thanks for coming with me. I know you guys have some studio time coming up soon, right? To finish the demo?

JAMESON: Oh we do! It’s almost that time. We’d better not be late. We’re recording the song Melody and I wrote.

MELODY: I still get goosebumps at hearing my lyrics put to a song.

NIKKI: I felt the same way when I had someone help me put my own words to music. A beautiful feeling. See you later, you two. Good luck on recording. 


Melody In My Head Blurb  


Welcome back to Harmony’s Echo, Texas…..

Melody Roland is on the run from the one person she trusted completely. One who hid a dark past she could never have imagined. When a pregnant woman on the bus she’s fleeing on goes into labor, Melody rushes to her aide. Now she finds herself stranded in a tiny remote town just off the highway, with no way to her original destination. 

She’s alone, on edge, and unsure who to trust. Her instincts scream to get far away and fast. But how and where?

Jameson Grant struggles through the roughest year of his life. Suffering from the loss of his father, one grief stricken night, he made a mistake. One which cost him the only woman he’s ever loved. Each lonely day he’s faced with the constant reminders of how quick things can change. Throwing himself into the one thing he has left, his music, helps dull the pain he fights to keep hidden. His last salvation begins to crumble as things spiral out of control and he has no choice but to face the ‘music’ of his past. 

The last thing he needs or wants in his life is a woman with more trouble on her heels than the best of country music lyrics. But Melody sings a sirens call within him that can’t be ignored.

Jameson and Melody bond in ways stronger than either could have imagined, but one dangerous person from her past may threaten it all…

If she doesn’t flee before he can convince her to stay, and that some love songs last an eternity.


She shouldn’t have listened to them.



She really was going to be sick. Melody’s stomach clenched, her breaths came out on rasps, images she’d rather not have in her mind played over and over again as the sounds repeated.


Melody had to get out of here.  Go somewhere, clear her head. She forced herself to stop crying, dried her face. She hesitated before opening the door, hoping Jameson and Blaine were too busy to notice her. She didn’t hear them, and wasn’t sure where either of them were.


She made a dash for it. From the sounds of it, the two were still in the kitchen. Melody could go through the front door and get a bit of fresh air. As quick and quiet as she possibly could be, she managed to get out the front door without either of them noticing her.


The ladder still leaned against the house, from when she and Jameson climbed up there. The old wood creaked underneath her weight as she walked across the front porch. Carefully walking down the steps, Melody gripped the sides of the ladder. One by one, she climbed the rungs, pulled herself up onto the roof and scrambled up. She let her feet dangle over the edge as she let the tears flow again.


Patchy clouds hid the sun, and a cool, brisk breeze weaved through her hair, tossing it lightly. Melody pushed strands out of her face as her chest constricted with sobs.




 She gasped at the sound of Jameson’s voice. She stared down at him. He frowned, jumped onto the ladder and was at her side in seconds. He pulled her to him. Cupping her face, Jameson persuaded her to look at him.


“What’s wrong? I’m sorry. I heard the door and wasn’t sure what was going on. Then I saw you up here in tears…” Jameson cradled her to him. “If you need me to leave you alone, I will, but I had to make sure you’re okay.”


Melody liked this man. Way too much. He was always right there to talk to her. He had so much to deal with, but he always put it aside when Melody had something going.  She didn’t want to lean on him, she didn’t want to drag him into her screwed up world.


He knew the real reason she ran, so it was a little too late to keep him out. Damn it, why did he have to be such a great guy?  It was the wrong time! 


“I used your phone to make a long distance call.”


Jameson pulled away and chuckled. “Okay. So you’re crying up here because you made a long distance call?  It’s not the end of the world. We have long distance on our phone.”


Melody nearly laughed, but the gesture actually forced more tears out.  She’d said the completely wrong thing to start off with. Yes, that did sound foolish! Crying over a long distance phone call. If only it were that simple. Oh, if only. 



***Backstage Pass***


Fun Facts about The Melody in My Head, and the Love and Music in Texas   Book series



~ I used Keith Urban’s intense guitar playing for inspiration when I pictured Jameson playing the guitar. Yes, it’s no secret I have a huge celeb crush on Keith, but it’s more than that. He’s a talented guitar player and he puts his all in when he plays, and that’s why I used his image for Jameson…..Honest!

The song lyrics I incorporate in the story are mine. I am a lyric writer, and so I fit some of my own songs in the story as I see fit. 🙂


~ Book Three will feature Jameson’s sister, Blaine, and the keyboardist for Baby Stetson Randy. I started thinking about them while writing The Melody in My Head. That story should come out 2014.


~ So far, I have probably about 7 stories planned in this series.

I used to not read series- let alone write them! Now, I’m hooked!

I’m going to be working on a project- The songs used in the series, I’m going to try and get them to melody, find a band, and release a music CD with the songs.  (Yep, I’ll be singing them. I won’t burst your eardrums, promise!)

Romance Author Nikki Lynn Barrett
Romance Author Nikki Lynn Barrett






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