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The Prize-Winning Low Layer

They are everywhere. The quiet ones, the people watchers, the perceptive ones. They don’t miss a beat, gripping opportunity by the horns and savoring the bumps and bruises of a challenge one experience at a time.

They are writers.                                                                                

I’ve come to the conclusion that to pursue writing as a career one has to be a smidge stalkerish, mostly insane, and have a huge sense of humor.


Four years ago, I gave up my career in Optics to be a stay at home Mom. It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have traded for the world. Sharing memories with my daughter for the first and most crucial years of her life is something I will always treasure (and, okay, cringe when I think of potty training.) I’ve currently changed career paths and am pursuing Cosmetology so I will be able to have a steady income while finishing a manuscript.

Three months ago, I decided to take writing seriously and life hasn’t been the same since. It’s been amazing, starting this journey. I’ve come in contact with some of the quirkiest, most passionate, and clever people. Most of them are writers, also. Some, (this is where virtual stalking comes in) are published Authors and have become invaluable mentors.

The Summer semester started a few weeks ago. I have missed the characters in my WIP (work in progress) tremendously. Occasionally, when I’m not writing for the blog, I squeak out a few pages in between assignments due and family time. It’s been an adjustment, to say the least. I’ve often wondered how long before a plate piled so high will become unbalanced and eventually tumble to a big heaping mess.

I think it is important to realize dreams take work. The dreamers I know, are for the most part, some of the smartest workers I know. Work smarter, not harder. Easier said than done, I know. But, this is where there is potential to go insane. I haven’t known of many writers who didn’t have supplemental incomes of some sort, especially in the beginning. Some days I think: I’m. Too. Damn. Old. For. This.

But then I remember today is a gift. All anyone can do is work toward a better future and give it their best, never giving up on the dream. Oh, and laugh. Because it’s best not to take critics too seriously, unless they have a valid point and you are able to grow from it.

What dream will you work toward today?  

5 thoughts on “The Prize-Winning Low Layer

  1. Beautifully said Laurie. Good luck with going to school and everything else on top of it. I know how that is all too well as I try and balance working full-time, being a mother and wife and trying to write too. I am excited for you and hope your WIP is going along great.


  2. This is beautifully put Laurie! Good luck with school and balancing everything. I know how hard it can be but you are right! Dreams take work. Good luck with your WIP too. What are you writing?


  3. rebekah, thanks for stopping by! It is true, life can get overwhelming sometimes and a person is only able to handle so much. I am making great progress on my WIP at the moment. Still much work to do, but I’m excited to be on this journey 🙂 Since this post, it got to the point where I had to choose to push something off my plate because it was affecting my health, family, and life. Thank you for your interest in my writing 🙂 I’m excited to share it with you. If you would like to read an excerpt from the Contemporary Romance series I’m currently making progress on, here is the link to the blog post:

    I’ve never included a link in comments, and if you are unable to click from here, just go to the home page of the blog and click on “The Gray Area of Fiction and Relationships” post. My Excerpt from Lonely Hearts In Texas Series, Book 1 is there.

    Best wishes to you also on the balancing of life, career, family, and writing!


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