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Reaching Out To Our Troops & Their Families


Today we remember the fallen who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. While some are busy firing up the grill with friends and family, trying to relax and not think about how they have to go back to a job they’d rather leave, there are unemployed and disabled vets coping with PTSD. They are fighting the urge not to react to the slightest noise they instinctively think is gunfire or an explosion.

How instinctive is it to appreciate life?Sometimes it is easy to take simple things for granted. I’m guilty of it myself. Thinking there will always be a tomorrow. But, like so many other things in life, it is not guaranteed.

I know of several people who are serving in the Military. Some of them have had to serve for several months overseas, away from loved ones. I’m sure depending on the location, communication is limited, if not impossible. It must feel like being cut off from the world. But, no. It is the world they live in. They are in the midst of death, terrorism, injustice, and violence. They experience firsthand a view of life and death most Americans will never see on a regular basis unless it’s through a news article. I wonder how a person is able to live with all those images and memories, sacrifice so much of themselves. Only to come back a different person, trying to regain some type of normalcy in their everyday lives.


Not everyone makes it back.                                                                                                                                                      

Love and thoughts are with the families and friends of our fallen heroes today. The people who had to wait for a Military serviceman or woman to return or was supportive of a loved one in the Military as they served.

We are all so fortunate to have the freedoms we have. May we all remember the sacrifice of the brave individuals who served our country and honor them by giving their families the support they need, or maybe take the time to show we care by sending a letter, care package, or donation.

A simple gesture to reach out may give someone the lifeline they need to survive.

Suggested Resources To Help Our Troops and Their Families:

To Adopt A Personnel Overseas click this link:

Adopt A Hero

To Send Care Packages Or Letters click on these links:

Give 2 The Troops

To Share a Message of Thanks With A Military Family (delivered by the USO) click this link:

Joining Forces

To Contribute To Military Families facing a unique combination of financial and emotional needs click this link:

Military Family Support

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