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A Sure-Fire Way To Burnout & Extinguishing It

“What is the point of self-help books? If they didn’t write the books, I wouldn’t need help for myself!” – This quote paraphrased from a survivor of an accident, who is now thriving as a para-pelagic, upcoming olympist, and businessman.

This is the age of information. There are a plethora of helpful tips, ideas, and informational materials to be shared. Many times those who are discerning enough to recognize what works for them are considered wise. So many people seeking, piling up on info for various reasons. This is a good thing, I suppose.

Argumentative rebuttal: But I don’t want to be ignorant!

There are drawbacks to being an information addict. I would know, because I’ve become one to a certain extent. I’m just a member and not the president of the hankering-for-my-next-information-fix club. It’s not exclusive, this club. It will pull you in one link at a time, and soon you are drowning in a sea of information.

Argumentative rebuttal cont’d: I’m reading info about getting too much info right now! Hypocrite!

*Let me put it this way: If one desires to be stressed for the rest of their life, they won’t bother with schedule boundaries or managing their time.*

I nearly went insane the past couple of weeks simply because I refused to slow down. There was too much to do. I was the only one to do it, or it wouldn’t be done right. I wasn’t a control freak, adding unnecessary stress to my already chaotic life. No, I had a plan that NEEDED to be done, and NOTHING could wait! I was a beast of productivity, ignoring the ball of stress knotting in my stomach on a regular basis and the constant brain fog from lack of sleep. My creative fury was fizzled by the end of the second week, the brain went on a constant vacation, and I crash-napped at the doctor’s office waiting room, at family events, and during time I desperately wanted to spend with my daughter.

Finally, I gave in and did this:


A long, peaceful walk in the park with my daughter. Watching the squirrels scamper across the crunching leaves, water crashing upon the rocks, lounging the day away while breathing in some fresh, country air in wide, open spaces.

The fact is, most people wear several “hats” and have to accommodate their obligations to get to where they want to be in life. So, what takes priority?

My husband works for a major retailer. His boss told him he expected all 800 stores to be in the top 200 ranking in a certain area they were competing in. When he told me this I laughed *so* hard. A non-mathelete, myself, common sense would tell anyone that the reasoning of my hubs’ boss was just a little *skewed*.

I couldn’t help but think of the movie Talladega Nights. Ricky Bobbie’s NASCAR loving father: “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”

*Everything cannot take priority*

It’s a difficult choice, deciding what really matters. Choosing to step back and breathe, letting go of the guilt and thinking one could be doing something useful. But, how can someone be useful if they don’t take care of themselves?

Multi-tasking is only part of life, but it must be prioritized like anything else, to fit into the balance of life, or one may find themselves not living at all.

Argumentative rebuttal for the win: But I don’t want to miss anything! How will I ever be able to laugh again unless I see another post of that grumpy cat on Facebook?!

Look. What do cat’s do? Take naps, rest, and lick themselves. Okay, please don’t do that last thing. Kind of gross.

It could be in the park watching squirrels, on the beach sinking toes in the sand, at a coffee shop lounging out to jazz, or a stroll through the neighborhood.

Something to slow down, clear the mind, and renew strength. It does a body good. Regularly schedule in some down time. Think of it as a sanity-preserver. Have a good, long rest. Then, go to town on the info train and get your knowledge on. Never stop learning.


Hoping you have a very productive week and enjoy some rest and relaxation! 🙂

~ How do you spend your down time? ~

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  1. Yes indeed, I have to force myself to stop running around like a crazy person so I can be a little less crazy 😉 I used to be awful at it but I’ve gotten better and it really does help me recharge!


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