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Fresh Food Friday: Hi Protein, Low-Cal, Tasty Veggie Club

I’m always on the lookout for healthier alternatives chock full of nutrition. All the better if it’s easy to throw together. This week, on a particularly unorganized day, I ordered a Gourmet Veggie Club from Jimmy John’s thinking it was a healthy solution because of the fresh food factor. Later in the evening I used myfitnesspal to log the calories I had spent for the day and was shocked to find what I thought was a healthy option was a not- so-smart choice with weight loss in mind. I also came away with the idea of trying an easy, low-cal recipe similar to what I had ordered. It is just as tasty.

I am finding balance is key to a healthy diet. The problem is, I won’t touch it unless it is delicious. This homemade club sandwich I could eat every day, it is so yummy. The best part is you can mix and match your favorite veggies without altering the calorie count much. All those nutrients packed in a delicious sandwich one can put together in 10 minutes at most. It packs protein to satisfy hunger for several hours, is low in sugar, and best of all, low cal.

Laurie's Tasty Alternative Veggie Club
Laurie’s Tasty Alternative Veggie Club

Laurie’s Tasty Alternative recipe:

1 roll Arnold’s sandwich Thins (I used honey wheat)

2 slices provolone cheese

2 tablespoons Duke’s Light Mayo (comparable in taste to Kraft Light Mayo, but less $’s and just as delish)

Approx. ¼ of a large cucumber

1 medium roma tomato

Nutrition wise, here is what you get:

407 – Total Cals

24 g – Total Fat

755 mg — Sodium

36 g – Total Carbs

15 g – Protein

6 g – Sugar

~Let’s compare to Jimmy John’s~

 Jimmy John’s  #13 Gourmet Veggie Club®

Double Portion of Provolone Cheese

Avocado Spread




Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

French Bread – for Clubs & Slims


768.75 – Total Cals

38.01 g- Total Fat

1234.12 mg – Sodium

70.03 g- Total Carbs

29.76 g- Protein

? – Sugar

Comparison Note, FYI ~ The type of mayo and bread used made the most difference in this particular comparison, calorie-wise. I went with a high protein, low-cal bread and low-cal light mayo. Kept the cheese for the protein punch and deliciousness.

This would be a great picnic food in my opinion, and is super easy to fix up for a quick or on-the-go lunch. Preparation is key. It is all too convenient to grab something from the dollar menu.

One thing I ask myself every day is this: How much do I value my health? What is it worth?

Definitely more than a dollar!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and invests the time to live it up by trying some new and tasty fresh food!

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