A Fun Writing Tool & Helpful Story Planning Worksheets

One way to keep writing time fresh and interesting is to use creative writing tools to help move the story forward. I know some days are better than others when I sit down and write. By keeping it interesting and fun, a mere idea has the potential to turn into a well rounded story with only a small amount of  planning. This idea is all about keeping it real and enjoying plotting while getting down to the business of writing.

Okay, I’ll just be honest. I like to play.


A few days ago I stumbled upon a particularly nifty and creative way to plan a novel. It involves printing these —>WORKSHEETS<— from a resourceful and aspiring author’s blog and using my 4 yr old’s Crayola dry erase activities set.


I printed the helpful worksheets out, slid them into the slot on the side of the Crayola activities dry erase board, and saved a ton of money on ink while using colorful dry erase makers to plan my novel like a rainbow colored road map. Once I am done, I type it up. Erase. Start again. It has been working like a charm. The board is backpack size, stores several worksheets at once, and secures the dry erase markers that come with it. Nifty! Doesn’t take much to make me happy these days. Let me amuse myself, will ya? 😉

My intention as I write is to share tips along the way (no matter how small or profound) that may also be helpful to anyone who is interested in integrating writing into their daily life. I hope this small tip that has worked for me so well may also be useful to someone else and they will be effective while producing a work of fiction that is original, unique, and expressive.


Have FuN with it! 🙂

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