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Writing Journal Entries From A Moody Beginner

Well hello there. It’s been a long, long time. You’re just as lovely as you used to be……….oh, sorry. Got a Conway Twitty love song stuck in my head. Don’t worry, I’m still sane. Promise. Now if I start singing “Lay you down” then you can worry.

I missed blogging last week for various reasons, but mostly because I’ve been frantically trying to find a schedule groove to make the most of writing so I will be able to meet my short term goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month. CampNanoWriMo has been…………an experience.

I have been keeping a Writing Journal to have a record of what does and doesn’t work for me during this intensive challenge of meeting a huge goal in a very short period of time. There have been discoveries, rants, musings, and moments of hysteria. It is a wonder that this is the only type of record I have. By the end of the month, I will be lucky not to have been thrown in the hoosegow for lesser-than-lady-like-behavior.



I thought I would share a few gems from my journal to give you an idea of what’s been goin’ though this brain of mine. Here’s a great one:

Journal entry #1: (Summarized)

While I’m in a gawd awful mood everyone around me is all like “look what I can do” and “My life is so freaking awesome, lemme tell ya about it…..” Yeah, so let’s just say at this point I’m ready to boob punch some people. After a while the good witch in my brain appeared and told me I needed to adjust my attitude.


Journal entry #2: (About being part of a cabin at camp NanoWriMo)

“The thing is, no one is interacting with one another. It’s like they post something about themselves, and totally ignore each others comments. I haven’t tried to private message them because at this point I’m just like wtf is the point? Lol. Why are these people in a cabin if they aren’t going to interact? So from now on I’m just going to post the most off the wall craziest shit I can think of. Let’s see if I can get a reaction, shall we?”

Journal entry #3: (Rant about my babysitter)

“……….God forbid I’m not suffering or she’s not suffering, or hell, let’s all have a huge suffrage party. It’s always gotta be the hard way with her, and if it’s not difficult then it must not be worth her time.”

(Toward the end of the rant it seemed I was writing directly to her instead of about her. I typed with fury, my keyboard was smoking and flames burst around me while wicked horns sprouted from my head. The good witch died, sleeping somewhere with the fishes. No prince will be kissing her back to life. This ain’t no fairy tale. Shit just got real.)


So now we are around half way through the journal. Keep in mind I journaled many things along the way, the entries above are only touching on a few things I’ve been thinking. There are positive and inspirational things in there somewhere, but hell, I’ve needed a laugh for a while now. I’m also finally getting settled into making writing a priority and things have calmed down a lot since those journal entries. I’m not sayin’ I’m sane or anything. Don’t even think it. I’ll totally deny it.

On a serious note: Keeping a writing journal was one of the best things I have done. It has been invaluable to journal before and after I tackle my WIP (work in progress).

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and takes time to not take life so seriously.

What things do you do to encourage yourself along the way to reaching a major life goal?