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From Bookworm to Writer : Beautiful Men Included

Today I feel the need to share my journey from bookworm to writer with expressive man hunk pics. Please, enjoy.


In between juggling family, writing, and pursuing a career (no, I don’t expect to make a fortune from writing royalties), I started thinking………

hugh thinking

*Waves to Hugh*  Well hello there Hugh! I see I have you intrigued. I love a man who listens. Now back to the topic at hand.

I have no time for reading!

Military reading

Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there Mr. Military man. Please excuse my interruption and enjoy your book….in the hot sun……shirtless. Uh, yeah. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Reading.

Last year I read around 200 books. I didn’t run a blog and the books I reviewed most of the time were popular and best selling authors. Didn’t think anything of it and what it meant for the authors, but I only reviewed if I had something good to say. I wrote a couple of stories, but wasn’t seriously interested in pursuing writing yet.

Colin Firth Quote

Well, what a nice and insightful thought, Colin. I feel the same way, you know, but life changed a bit for me. Let me tell you how.

Fast forward a year later. I have only read a couple of full length novels in the past 3 months. At first it started as a reading funk. I love romances, but was tired of reading the same. Old. Thing. Understand, I got hooked on reading with Harry Potter (way back when it first came out), moved on to paranormal (found out I loved romance), then contemporary, and finally historical. I’ve read about wizards, vamps, shape shifters, cops, cowboys, soldiers, lords, dukes, and so many more.

Tatooed&pierced cowboy model

Sorry, cowboy, but those western romances I was reading just didn’t rope me in like they used to. Plus, I think it’s really weird you’re wearing gardening gloves but are shirtless and rocking your pierced nipple. It just takes the intimacy out of it when I can’t see your hands. I’ll be in touch. So let me continue.

What brought me out of my funk temporarily was Inappropriate Thoughts by Ian Dalton. I haven’t read anything like it before. It inspired me to start writing a contemporary romance story that is still in the works. Did I mention Ian’s book had a very hot ice scene? Well it did.

ice cube seduction

Uhm……I’ll just leave you two alone now……

A month after reading Inappropriate Thoughts I found a short story that was also out of my comfort reading zone, but that really struck a chord with me. It was An Angel Comes Home by Michael John Sullivan. My writing muse suddenly started working overtime as I was inspired to dig deeper and start a different story that was more of an inspirational time travel fantasy. Not even romance!

Rock formal eyebrow

I know, Rock, I know. Can’t believe it myself!

Some people may wonder how can you not read anymore? Well, I do. Except what I read isn’t romance. I research for my stories, visit helpful blogs, interact with fellow readers and writers to keep up with trends and network. I get involved in online writing workshops, learn about and attend in-person writer’s groups, and try to support and inspire my fellow writers to do the same. I also read and respond to emails when I can. In between all this stuff I write my stories. And now I am writing about writing. What can I say? Being a writer is what you make it.

thor with beer

Oh, how nice of you to offer. Don’t mind if I do!

Whether it is writing on a blog, writing in a journal, or writing a novel, it is writing. No, not all writing is created equal, but therein lies the beauty (and sometimes horror) of it.

Being a bookworm introduced me to fiction. I swooned, I cringed, I sat in awe, I laughed, I cried, I ate chocolate. I fell in love. Much like writing. Except with writing, I not only imagine, I create little story babies that have potential to grow if nurtured. Which brings me to where I am now. Trying to find balance. Every day brings the opportunity to grow and keeping a positive attitude helps tremendously.

hugh as the fonz

Thanks Hugh, I knew you’d back me up on this.

I am not an expert, but have noticed I am most productive when growing from the past, living in the moment, and striving for the future. One cannot pick just one or they will miss out on the importance of the others.

So see, no matter how strange I am, I have jewels of motivation tucked away from time to time to share that encourage and inspire me to continue reaching for my dreams. I hope it does the same for you. Whether bookworm or writer, reader of blogs or occasional social media post typist, make the most of it and use your words to reach for your dreams. Oh, and remember to share with others who matter in your life love and laughter. Then who knows, in one form or another, you may just find your happily ever after.


So, do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Why?

6 thoughts on “From Bookworm to Writer : Beautiful Men Included

  1. Love this! Hugh is my future husband; I’m sure of it. If anything happens to his wife and my husband, of course…What was I saying? Right: I’m an introvert, all the way. Except when I’m writing. I love that I can give my heroines all the qualities I wish I had, myself.


  2. Thanks for the mention.Great post! I’m still waiting for my wife to let me do the ice thing, but she doesn’t like the cold. 😦


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